why now?

If you don't have a plan for how to respond when something unforeseen happens, your clients may never trust you again.

Waiting until something happens to establish a plan for you and your team is more expensive, more stressful and puts more at stake than lost revenue. 

The gods forbid something should happen to your business, such as getting ransomeware on a critical computer or server, some key person leaving, a crucial system becoming unavailable, getting hacked, virus infestations or some unforeseen event that disrupts things - do you have a plan to respond to it and get back to business as quickly as possible?

The number, types, frequency and overall impact of these events in today's world are increasing at a staggering rate. Since most businesses were built before any of these threats existed, it is more important than ever to define and protect against these risks using good design in planning for the future.


what makes waxieus different?

The waxieus approach is driven by a unique capacity to empathize with clients and their challenges.

waxieus has experience on both sides: on the prescribing-side as well as the re-mediating side. This depth makes waxieus a powerful advocate for what your business may or may not need.


WHAT tools and FRAMEWORKS DOes waxieus WORK WITH?

waxieus is fluent in network infrastructure design best practices from bare metal to virtual public, private and hybrid cloud architectures.

waxieus also has a deep fluency with Digital Microwave and other wireless, point-to-point technologies, including mesh and canopy architectures.

waxieus frequently works with these industry-standard frameworks: COBITFERPAHIPAAISO, NISTPCI DSSSarbannes-OxleySOC1 and SOC2.



waxieus is based in Chicago but, thanks to the Internet, partners with clients all over the world.


Who has waxieus helped?

waxieus offers bespoke strategies and approaches adaptable to a diverse set of clients and needs. Clients take all shapes and sizes, from highly-regulated industries to agile and innovative start ups building the next big thing. There is no project too large or too small.

Solutions and costs vary according to requirements and complexity because no one wants to bring a tank to a knife fight. 

Some clients have offered to share their feedback below:

Apervita, Inc. is an innovative Chicago company and the world’s fastest growing health analytics & data platform and marketplace. Apervita is democratizing the world's health analytics and data, transforming it into 10,000s of trusted insights.

Aaron Symanski, CTO, COO: "Apervita, a rapidly growing healthcare analytics company, sought external expertise on its network deployment, throughput, and security.  Chad quickly brought together the stakeholders, drove a common and complete view of the deliverables needed, and delivered on-time.  Throughout the process, Chad was collaborative, positive, and responsive."


Tirus Communications, together with their industry-leading partners, apply more than 20 years of experience in providing real-time business voice and data communications solutions to companies across the globe. 

Paul Gerick, CTO : "Chad is an essential guide. Tirus is in growth mode and scaling so fast we honestly haven't had time to see the forest for the trees. In record time, Chad prioritized our critical components, outlined key tactics and delivered a continuity strategy that will continue to adapt as we grow. Highly intelligent, intuitive and people friendly, he is not what you might expect. Not-to-mention, he delivers unmatched value for what he delivers."


Imagination is a content marketing agency with a big focus on the financial services industry. For more than 20 years, they have been delivering content strategy and distribution that strengthens their clients' positions as thought leaders.

Michelle O'Hagan, SVP Digital Delivery : "In addition to being the technology savant I was seeking, Chad also is: an excellent communicator; enthusiastic about sharing his vision and talents; a person who understands that the desired experience should dictate the technology used (not the other way around). Chad is such a great communicator because he has to be... he operates on such a different level than the rest of us that his life might be miserable if he didn't figure out how to get all that knowledge out of his own head and into ours."


For nearly two decades, Brandy Agerbeck of loosetooth.com has been a pioneer in the emerging field of graphic facilitation; the one person in the room mapping out the conversations and presentations for a wide variety of clients. She will transform your discussion into a tangible drawing that frees your best mind to focus, make more connections, generate new ideas and understand your work in new ways. Not to mention, she wrote the bible on the subject, with an update about to drop.

"With his ebullient energy and collaborative nature, Chad is a joy to work with. He is not only tenaciously solution-focused, but so well-versed in available tools that he is sure to lead you in improving your processes and technology. Chad also thinks systematically, for example, putting himself in the shoes of users to create comprehensive and educational documentation. Or building infrastructure for the long term. In our collaborations, I've most appreciated his ability to focus on process and nerd out while having a heckuva lot of fun."


Zach Falcon served as an associate counsel for the Resources Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. Later, while completing an MFA in Creative Writing at the Iowa Writer's Workshop, he served as Associate Director of the Writing Resource Center at the University of Iowa College of Law. In his home state, he served as an Assistant Attorney General in the State of Alaska Department of Law, where he represented the state in civil litigation. He is now a published writer of fiction and a professor at Unity College in Maine.

"I have known and collaborated with Chad Calease on a range of projects for nearly two decades and can attest to his expertise, energy, and wholly unique ability to inspire even recalcitrant non-specialists like me to use technology responsibly and effectively.  As a writer and academic, I tend to ignore technology until it fails.  Time and again, the protocols and practices that Chad counseled me to follow have kept predictable mishaps from becoming significant disasters with real consequences.  Frankly, if Chad can help me, he can help anyone."