business changing? growing? protected?



Is your business protected by a comprehensive business continuity strategy in the event something should happen?


Are your policies, procedures and strategic documentation evolving in stride with your business's growing complexity?


Is the risk you own, and that of your clients', minimized through information security compliance best practices?


be prepared

protect the enterprise

Why is a business continuity strategy critical to protecting our businesses? Natural disasters, economic downturns, security breaches and bad publicity make quickly coming up with a "Plan B" during a crisis impossible, putting reputation at stake. Business Continuity Strategy won't prevent earthquakes, floods or other disasters from happening, but it can potentially save thousands, if not millions, of dollars in losses, a reputation as a business and customers and clients. A clear, concise business continuity plan with policies and procedures reduces downtime in a disaster to two or three days. In short, we plan today for future events that will hopefully never happen but, if they do, we are prepared. Enjoy sleeping soundly at night? By designing effective business continuity strategies for your business, waxieus can help with that, too.

keep pace

things change

As the systems we build that our businesses rely on continue to evolve and grow in sophistication and complexity, as people and technologies come and go, it is critical to ensure that our understanding of our business continues to be accurate and hold its value into the future. These include schematics, network topologies, policies and procedures and the most crucial: sketches on napkins. Maintaining an up-to-date library of this content is important on many levels: for building our business continuity strategy, compliance, training and professional development purposes. waxieus can help develop tools and strategies around this critical cultural component, as well with keeping them up-to-date to reflect the rapid and detail-oriented changes that are taking place day-to-day in our technology-driven business landscape.

be informed

minimize risk

Without planning beforehand, there is no way to know what potential risks will cost us. Business can be impacted by even the smallest components of risk and it is happening with greater frequency to companies both large and small. Malicious hackers keep finding new ways to jeopardize vulnerable online assets. Thoughtful assessement means intelligent methods of looking at risk and understanding what risk means in the context of technology: real and virtual. waxieus can help guide your plan as a trusted resource of responsive tools and resources to mitigate risk in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. Hackers aren't helping to make the Web a safe and predictable place for business but waxieus can help make planning against those elements a valuable learning experience that removes the mystery and uncertainty.