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what core processes are protected by a comprehensive business continuity strategy?


how do we adaptably manage our business' growing complexity?


what are best practices for minimizing owned risk?

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Continuity Strategy won't prevent natural disasters, economic downturns or bad publicity, but it saves losses in revenue, minimizing downtime.

Such future events may never happen. If they do, you might imagine how having a plan would minimize losses and downtime.

As kids, mom's strategy was always bring a raincoat and a change of underwear.

Her wisdom marches on.

Protect your reputation.

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Business relies on systems that continue to grow in complexity.

Some can be simplified, others continue to grow exponentially faster than before.

Coupled with people and technologies coming and going, how do we ensure that we understand how our business works - accurately - down to the last detail?

Once we understand it, how then, do we shape it, by elegant strategy, into a resilient infrastructure for the future?

Just ask.

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While unethical hackers aren't helping to make the Web a safe and predictable place for business, we have to constantly re-evaluate questions like:

How much risk is owned and/or shared? How much can those potential risks cost us and/or our clients?

What are best practices for protecting core business assets by minimizing risk?

Having a plan to protect our businesses is essential - either with waxieus or someone else. It's that important. So - please ask some questions. There is no obligation outside of getting educated about what this all means and how to protect your business.

Ask some questions.

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